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Is addiction a disease? We think so! If you are tired of being abused by drugs or alcohol, it may be time to Occupy Recovery. We Can help.

No one intends to become addicted. Addicts do not like who they have become. Addicts do not want to do bad things, yet they do bad things anyway. This leads to self-loathing. These maladaptive behaviors are difficult to explain or understand, until one recognizes addiction as a disease, a disease that responds to appropriate treatment.

The disease of diabetes makes a useful analogy. No one intends to become diabetic. Diabetics do not like who they have become. Diabetics do not want high blood sugar, yet their blood sugar is elevated anyway. Diabetes is a disease that responds to appropriate treatment. One major difference is that no one yells at the diabetic for having a disease.

Punishment, shame and blame is ineffective for treatment of any disease. It does not work for diabetes. It does not work for hypertension. It does not work for obesity. It does not work for anemia and guess what? It does not work for addiction either. It leads to even more self-loathing. Unfortunately, people are still forcing this “cure.”

Self-loathing and contemptuous treatment from others create a vicious cycle that leads to even more self-loathing and contemptuous treatment from others. Why would an addict even want to recover? Overcome with misery and continuous failure, why would anyone bother?

We have found that when addicts believe they are worth saving, the path to recovery becomes clear, worthwhile, and attainable. A kind, patient and dignified environment illuminates this path and convinces the addict that they are indeed worth saving. This is when one begins to Occupy Recovery. But it does not stop there. Occupy Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Though medication assisted treatment can help, it is just a small part of the process.

Medical Consulting Services is a place where people learn to Occupy Recovery.

Dr. C

(208) 514-0818

272 E 36th St

Garden City, Idaho 83714

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